Hometown Noodle

There's a reason fans of pho are so dedicated to their favorite bowl of steaming noodle soup. Pho is a staple of the Vietnamese menu, and many years have gone into perfecting it. You can find noodle soup restaurants and carts on every corner of Vietnam. Sometimes the fragrance of of pho fills the street! The combination of spices, meats and rice noodles is unique, unforgettable and heart-warming. Once you taste an authentic pho, you will never want soup from a can again. That's a promise!

Here at Hometown Noodle, we use only authentic pho recipes and the freshest ingredients. The secret to great pho is the broth: it must be simmered for hours to create its redolent, rich flavors. To this heavenly broth we add your choice of meats and a generous helping of rice noodles. With a dish of basil leaves, bean sprouts, lemon or lime and peppers on the side to add as you eat, a bowl of Hometown Noodle's pho is a healthy, satisfying meal.

More About Us!

We also specialize in traditional Vietnamese seafood dishes and soups. Using ingredients such as tamarind, coconut, cilantro and lemongrass, Vietnamese dishes are lighter and less greasy than some other cuisines. Here at Hometown Noodle, we combine shrimp, squid and other seafood with bright, fresh vegetables and our signature spices. Our egg rolls and spring rolls are excellent introductions to many of the flavors of Vietnam, all rolled into a neat package. Every bite is a little bit different! Enjoy them with fish, peanut or soy sauce.

Whether you grew up eating pho and other Vietnamese dishes at the family table or whether it's a brand new cuisine for you, you'll appreciate the care that we at Hometown Noodle put into every aromatic bowl. We look forward to making you into a diehard pho fanatic!